Depression and anxiety are very devastating illnesses. They affect millions of people around the world, yet they can be defeated...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Are The Causes of Depression?

Depression, also called Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), is more than just a feeling of guiltiness, sadness or unhappiness. It is a systematic problem that results in unstable emotions, gloom or torpidity. From my personal researches and experiences, I discovered that if you have depression it can rob you of your sleep, your energy, your memory, vitality, concentration, your ability to work, play or love, and in chronic cases, it can rob you of your willing to live! It is a devastating illness that affects many Americans and millions of other people around the world. Yet, it can be defeated and I promise you that, if you continue reading this book, you will no longer be confused about depression. You will know the myths, the facts and the sure ways to fight and cure depression using natural programs and medication.

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is a feeling or state of worry and nervousness, usually accompanied by compulsive behaviors or panic attacks which may affect your state of mind or cause mental disorders. If you suffer from anxiety then know from this minute on that it can be controlled so that you can live a better life and prosper. In the second half of this book, I discuss in detail about anxiety disorders, its symptoms, how it affects people, including children, how it relates to depression and finally how to deal with it and destroy it permanently.

Many people think that depression comes only when bad things happen in our lives, for example, an exam failure, a marriage breakup or death of a loved person. Depression is a lot more than merely having a terrible incidence, a tragic accident or thought. Even though all of us, at one time or another, encounter bad and good times in our lives and feel frustrated for a period of time (especially after a genuine dissatisfaction or misfortune), depression may not be initiated by one specific negative event or occasion. Delayed instances of pity, melancholy, or absence of enthusiasm for something we typically appreciate are some of the ways depression manifests in our lives. Hereditary and other natural factors can cause depression. Finally, depression can occur suddenly, even when everything in our lives seems to going the way we want.



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